Gentle Skin Rejuvenation Options

Dr Helena Torpinski|Skin rejuvenation
10 April 2018

When you’re feeling like your skin could use just a little pep or brightening, perhaps after a stressful period at work or as a treat for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday, the options for quick, gentle rejuvenation are worth considering.

The benefits of a gentle rejuvenation are often subtle enough that friends will make comments about how good or glowing you look, without the dramatic changes that can be apparent with more invasive treatments.

At Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology, we offer a range of chemical peels, along with the new Kleresca Biophotonic rejuvenation.

Patients who have experienced these treatments with us report that their skin feels smoother and more youthful, their skin is decongested (which is particularly good for those prone to acne), texture shows improvement and their skin seems to glow or look “spruced up”.

Why choose a gentle rejuvenation?

There are several great reasons to consider a gentle rejuvenation.

Firstly, there is almost no downtime and procedures are quick. This means for very little time and effort you’re getting a great pick-me-up for your skin.

The process of rejuvenation via these techniques encourages cell turnover, which means reduced dullness and dead skin cells. While more invasive laser rejuvenation achieves this on a deeper level, a lighter version can be effective, particularly for younger or less damaged skin.

The cost of gentle rejuvenation procedures is significantly less that more invasive options. This means they’re a good place to start and if the results achieve what you desire, you’ll not only be looking good, you’ll be feeling good about the saving.

Gentle rejuvenation is suitable for many skin types, many ages and both men and women. Chemical peels are also available in varying strengths, so can be tailored to your needs and skin condition.

What can a gentle rejuvenation really achieve?

When considering a gentle rejuvenation option, it’s important to set expectations appropriately. More invasive laser techniques do have deeper and more longer-lasting results that can not be achieved with gentler options.

But that’s not to say a gentler options has no benefits.
After treatments, skin is smoother, looks refreshed, complexion is clearer.

The results of chemical peels can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the strength and on the particular result you’re looking for.

The Kleresca treatment is possibly longer term, working more thoroughly with the skin, but may require maintenance treatments.

What shouldn't I expect from a gentle rejuvenation?

The benefits of gentle rejuvenation centre around temporary changes to the top layers of skin. This means the deeper results achieved through more invasive procedures are not going to be achieved. These include growing new collagen, resurfacing the skin, removal of pigmented skin issues (dark spots), treatment of vascular skin issues (red patches or veins) and significantly younger looking skin.

While the Kleresca treatment is stronger that a chemical peel, neither are miracle cures for budget prices.

To better understand whether a gentle rejuvenation is right for your skin type and the conditions that are bothering you, arrange a consultation with our dermatologist and learn exactly what rejuvenation can do for your skin.

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Written by Dr Helena Torpinski.
Helena is a skin laser specialist as well as a GP and has been a popular doctor at our clinic for over a decade.