Our Top Ten Skin Care Tips for Men

Dr Helena Torpinski|Skin care and sun protection
9 August 2018

Dad may never have expressed much interest in putting effort into how his skin looks, but most women agree, the men in their lives could do with a little more attention to their skin.

And with a whole generation of “millenial masculinity” hot on their heels, more and more middle aged men are turning to a more manicured approach, to help them look better for their age – think David Beckham or George Clooney.

Our top ten tips

Here are our top tips for men who want to take care of their skin:

  • Skin care products. It’s the obvious place to start because it’s something all skin needs – quality cleaning that doesn’t deplete the skin and effective moisturising to keep it plump and looking younger. Our signature skin care brand, Radiance, available at our online store here, or in our clinic, is a great place to start, with options to suit normal and sensitive skin types.
  • Sunscreen. We’ll never stop reiterating the need for everyone to wear sunscreen, every day. Men’s skin may seem tougher or thicker, but it will still be damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays and that’s a fast track to ageing, not to mention more dangerous conditions like skin cancer.
  • No perfumed after shave on the neck. We know after shave is one of the few personal care products most men indulge in, but perfumes carry a whole suite of risks for skin and we recommend avoiding them. Perfumed after shave on the neck produces the unslightly flushing called Poikiloderma of Civatte, when it combines with sun exposure producing a photochemical reaction, resulting in red and brown skin.
  • Regular skin checks. We all know that typically men a far less likely to visit a doctor for routine checks, but skin checks are vital in Australia, where our skin cancer rates are so high. Early detection and treatment are the best way to ensure any cancers are treated successfully, so be sure to get an annual check up. Your dermatologist can also detect other changes that may be the result of ageing or lifestyle, which can be treated before they develop further, so your skin stays looking its best. Now’s a great time for a skin check as our skin is at its palest in the middle of winter – contact us for an appointment.
  • Quick skin refreshes. More and more men are realising the benefit of quick, non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments such as chemical peels and the Kleresca skin rejuvenation treatment. Both these options take less than half an hour in the clinic and require no further down time, so you’ll be out the door and looking great in no time.
  • Reducing facial lines. Most men don’t realise but injectable treatments, such as botulinum toxin type A, can remove “cranky” lines from foreheads and fillers can remove the signs of tiredness and ageing. They’re a quick procedure and can last for up to 3-4 months.
  • Treating double chins. Yes, it is possible. That saggy jowl that develops as we age is now treatable with a series of injections over a couple of months, contouring the jawline and improving your profile. The new treatment from Belkyra is available at our clinic.
  • Hair and tattoo removal. While many men are not self conscious about their body hair, often the women in their lives would prefer a lot less of it! Laser hair removal is quick and easy, and most effective on darker hair and paler skin, making winter a perfect time to begin treatments as the skin is at its palest. Removing thick body hair, even if removal isn’t complete, can give the impression that men are younger, as skin thickens across the first half of adult life. Tattoo removal isn’t strictly about skin care, but tattoos that look old and faded and tired certainly add age and can also be the remnants of previous version of life now left behind. Removing these reminders of poor judgement and regret can often be a great blessing. We offer a free tattoo consult so you understand what’s involved and whether removal will work for you.
  • Treat your rhinophyma. Rhinophyma is a condition that causes red, bulbous skin across the nose and face, swelling the nose. It’s often associated with a previous diagnosis of rosacea and far more common in men than women. While the exact cause of rhinophyma is unknown, we can treat most cases with the right laser. This can greatly improve the appearance of the skin and return social confidence where the condition had been severe.
  • A full facial rejuvenation. We offer many types of facial rejuvenation, including our clinic’s signature procedure, the Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure, which is a facial rejuvenation using multiple laser types and which is tailored to your skin type and conditions.

Look younger by Christmas

As society’s expectations of how men should look changes, caring for your skin is no longer only the domain of women. With just a few short months till party season, summer networking events, Christmas gatherings or just driving your teenage daughter to her end of year formal, now is the time to take action to improve the quality of your skin.

Got more questions?

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Written by Dr Helena Torpinski.
Helena is a GP and medical laser specialist who loves helping patients’ look and feel their best, and to love the skin their in.