What is Kleresca Skin Rejuvenation?

Snr RN Kim Murphy|Skin rejuvenation
2 August 2022


Kleresca have created a biophotonic technology that has been shown to be an effective, gentle skin rejuvenation treatment. Initially used to treat acne, the Kleresca technology improves skin tone and appearance.

What makes Kleresca skin rejuvenation unique?

The Kleresca rejuvenation is able to improve skin appearance skin appearance with no downtime. More traditional light-based skin rejuvenation can be quite invasive, take longer and require downtime while skin heals.

A Kleresca treatment requires a total of about half an hour in the clinic, with the light treatment taking only 9 minutes, on average.

Conditions treated with Kleresca skin rejuvenation

Kleresca gives skin a fresher, brighter appearance, smoothing out tone and improve the general condition of skin. A single treatment may produce results, but most patients require several treatments, with our general guide being approx. 4 treatments, one per week.

Important things to know about this treatment

Not all skin types are suitable for Kleresca rejuvenation. If you experience melasma on your skin, Kleresca is not recommended as it can increase pigmentation. Other pigmentation may also be affected, so skin should be assessed by a dermatologist for suitability before receiving treatment.

For more information…

…call our friendly reception staff and book a consultation with our dermatologist to discuss your skin ageing concerns and treatments, or to have a complete skin check.