New Year's Skin Resolution Series: Part 1 - Belkyra Double Chin Treatment

Dr Marianne Nolan
10 January 2019

At this time of year, we’re all thinking about goals and lifestyle changes – but don’t forget your skin! In this series, we’re looking at great skin resolutions and treatments that you may want on your 2019 To-Do list.

We’re starting the series with a look at the new treatment, Belkyra, which removes unwanted double chins using injectable treatments (no surgery required!).

Do you have a double chin problem? 

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and felt a little underwhelmed that all you seem to notice is a double chin stretching from chest to jowls?

Are you always trying to lift your phone higher when taking a selfie to achieve a more flattering angle?

Research shows that 59% of Australian women say that they are concerned about a double chin. Many men are also concerned with the appearance of a double chin.  People with fullness under the chin may feel like they look heavier and older than they actually are.

What causes a double chin?

When it comes to double chins, the cause is pretty clear – genetics. Yes, weight will create bigger problems, but some people carry genes that carry weight under the chin, even while the rest of the body may be quite lean.

This means that no amount of dieting or exercise can truly eliminate the problem.

Treatment for double chin

Until recently, treatment options consisted primarily of plastic surgery, which involved a very invasive surgical removal of fat and tightening of the skin.

This may be effective but it is off-putting enough that many people chose not to pursue that option.

A variety of beautician-based treatments have come and gone over the years, with varying claims of success.

But just a couple of years ago, the treatment landscape changed when Belkyra came onto the market.

What is Belkyra?

Belkyra is an innovative, non–surgical, injectable treatment for double chins. It’s really simple, effective and lasting.

The key to Belkyra’s successful treatment of double chins is deoxycholic acid.

Deoxycholic acid is found naturally in the body and is used to assist in the break down and absorption of the fat in our diets. But as we age, this process gets less effective because deoxycholic acid production lessens in our bodies. That’s partly why we tend to gain weight as we age.

Deoxycholic acid breaks down and removes fat cells in double chins effectively, over the course of 2-3 treatments.

And the best news is: once the fat cells are destroyed they will not return.

If only moving all fat were that easy!

The nature of this treatment means that once you have completed your series of treatments, the results are permanent.

That’s great news for those wanting to know their investment of time, money and energy into a cosmetic processes will be worthwhile.

The Belkyra treatment is new – is it really getting results? 

More than 75 % of Belkyra patients report satisfaction with the appearance in their chin area after their treatments.

Patients reported feeling more confident and less bothered by their chin after their treatments, they also report feeling younger and happier.

As great as Belkyra is, however, it’s not suitable for everyone.

Belkyra isn’t right for everyone

As with any medical procedure, not every patient will be suitable and we take your investment in our procedures seriously enough to refuse to treat you if we don’t think you’ll get good results. It’s part of our clinic’s duty of care.

A few warning signs that you might not be suitable for Belkyra are the existence of other diseases, including heart disease or skin conditions in the area, known allergies or reactions to the ingredients used in the treatment. And of course, much as we know we’re all sensitive to our flaws, we might recognise that what you see as a “big, horrible problem” is, in fact, a fairly mild case of double chin that wont generate a response to treatment that we think is worth the investment on your part.

Interested in finding out whether Belkyra will work for you? 

You can read more about Belkyra on our website’s Double Chin Treatment page.

If your New Year’s Skin Resolution includes doing something about your double chin, we encourage you to meet with our dermatologist, Dr Terence Poon, who can assess whether Belkyra is the right choice for you. Call our reception now to make an appointment and make 2019 the year when you take action to love the skin you’re in. (02) 9953 9522.


Written by Dr Marianne Nolan. Dr Marianne has been our cosmetic physician for over 20 years and loves helping patients look great for their age.