Laser treatment is the perfect modern choice for enhancing the appearance of the skinDr Terence Poon, Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist

Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic is one of Australia’s longest standing and largest laser dermatology treatment centres. With over 17 laser and light treatment machines, we offer the very best in modern laser treatments in cosmetic and medical dermatology.

All procedures in our clinic are performed by highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses. Our clinic houses two operating theatres and either consulting and treatment rooms, multiple patient preparation waiting areas and includes a discreet entrance for those who wish to remain anonymous.

At Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering you the highest standard of treatment in a friendly and professional environment.

Our Values

All our staff are highly trained and we offer treatments based on the best and latest medical research on dermatology and cosmetic skin treatments. Our patients can rest in the knowledge that the treatments they are offered are the very best treatments available, anywhere in the world.

All treatments are carried out by highly trained and experienced medical staff. All treatments require a dermatologist consult prior to commencement, to ensure the skin being treated is free from any concerns which might be adversely affected by laser treatments, and to determine the very best treatment option for your unique skin type and condition.

We deliver the highest quality treatments, using the best lasers available, in a clinical setting. Our standard of work is second to none, delivering the quality of care and result that comes from highly experienced medical professionals.

Our staff pride themselves on delivering an experience which ensures patients feels comfortable, cared for and important. Our patient care extends to after-treatment care, should you have any concerns about your skin following treatments.

Our Staff

Dr Terence Poon

Dr Terence Poon

Cosmetic and Laser Dermatologist

Dr. Terence Poon is the medical director of Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic. He is a dermatologist and laser specialist. He has trained extensively in Australia and internationally, in the laser-responsive cosmetic aspects of dermatology.

He undertook a fellowship with Dr Jim Walter, who pioneered the use of lasers in dermatology in Australia and who founded our clinic, which was the first full time laser dermatology clinic in Sydney.

Dr Marianne Nolan

Dr Marianne Nolan

Cosmetic and Skin Laser Physician

Dr Marianne Nolan has been with the clinic for over a decade and is very experienced in all aspects of laser treatments and related cosmetic procedures. She has a meticulous record of safety and competence.

Marianne has a huge following of patients because of her expertise and warm, caring manner.

Over the years, she has trained extensively with our founder, Dr James Walter, and has attended regular training programmes and conferences in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Dr Helena Torpinski

Dr Helena Torpinski

General Practitioner and Skin Laser Physician

Dr Helena Torpinski has been with our clinic for over a decade and her bright and lively manner continues to ensure she is popular with our patients.

Helena works as a GP in Newtown when she is not at our clinic and this adds a great breadth of knowledge and ability to her work with us.

She has expertise in all forms of laser and light-based treatments and continues to improve her knowledge and skill with education, training and conferences regularly.

Sr Kim Murphy

Sr Kim Murphy

Senior Registered Nurse

Kim Murphy has been our Senior Registered Nurse for nearly 12 years and continues to be very popular with returning patients. Kim has expert skill and knowledge of all aspects of the clinic and trains new nursing staff. She has extensive experience in most of our medical and cosmetic laser and light-based treatments.
Nursing staff

Nursing staff

All our nurses are Registered Nurses

We have seven registered nurses who work shifts across the week at our clinic. All our nursing staff are trained and experienced in dermatological procedures and cosmetic treatments.
Our Admin Staff

Our Admin Staff

Reception, Practice Manager, Accountant

We have a lovely administrative team supporting our doctors, nurses and patients, including some of our longest standing employees.

Our reception staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the procedures we offer, giving patients excellent care and attention at every stage of their experience with our clinic.

Our back office staff keep the office functioning and ensure we all have a pleasant working environment, all the tools and resources we need, as well as keeping our information and patient-care resources current and looking great.