Unwanted Tattoos

A rash decision, poor artistry, a reminder of something you would rather forget or simply time for a change – whatever the reason you are considering removing your tattoo, we can help.

There are many reasons why patients decide to remove their tattoos, and when it comes to selecting a clinic for this procedure, there are several things to consider :

  • How experienced is your laser therapist? Experience can be important in the selection of lasers to use, the quotation and estimation of treatment duration and the technical skill at using the tattoo removal laser,
  • Does your clinic have a range of pigment lasers to choose from? Different lasers have different strengths and weaknesses. Different skin types respond differently to treatment. Choosing a clinic that can tailor treatment to your tattoo and skin type can decrease the number of treatments required and minimise potential side effects,
  • Does your clinic offer a pre-treatment dermatology check? Lasers are generally very safe but there are skin conditions that lasers can negatively affect. Having a dermatologist check over the skin under and around the tattoo ensures the highest possible safety and efficacy of your treatment.

Tattoo removal is hard to predict because we have no way of knowing what the tattoo ink is made from, which means we can not tell whether it will respond quickly or slowly to laser removal.

However, most tattoos can largely be removed with pigment lasers. This removal can be delivered with minimal chance of complications, such as scarring.