Treatment for patients with darker skin tone

It is a common misconception that patients who have darker skin tones such as Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and persons of colour, are not able to be treated with laser and light-based treatments. While it is true that treatment of such patients can be more challenging and may have a higher risk of side effects compared to lighter skin types, at the Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic, we specialise in providing safe and effective laser and light-based treatments to these patients. Our specialised understanding of skin biology and laser / skin interactions allows us to confidently treat all skin types.

It may be necessary to treat darker skin types with fading creams prior and after laser treatments. Test patches are performed to ensure the correct laser choice and settings. More conservative settings may be required resulting in a greater number of treatments compared to fairer skin types to ensure safe and effective treatment.

If you have a darker skin tone and wish to have laser treatment, we recommend that you consult with our Dermatologist to arrange a treatment plan which will address your skin issues. Please contact our receptionists on (02) 9953 9522 to book a consultation.