For Patients

Before your first visit

All patients are required to have a consult with our Dermatologist in the first instance. During this consult, the Dermatologist will review your skin and advise on the optimal treatment plan for it’s type and condition.

You will be given all the necessary information about the treatment plan, including costings and duration, at this consult.

Depending on the treatment to be given, you may be able to go directly from this consult to treatment on the same day. However, as we can be extremely busy, this is not always possible.

You don’t need to consult with the dermatologist if:

  • This is not your first visit for this skin condition and the Dermatologist has given you approval to proceed with treatments
  • You are seeking hair removal, tattoo removal or injectables such as anti-wrinkle injections or filler

On the day of your consult:

If you are seeing the Dermatologist for the first time, please bring your referral (if you have one), your medicare card and a method of payment for this consult (we accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or cheque).

If you are being treated with a laser procedure, please read the information you have been provided previously, outlining any requirements. Most commonly, do not wear make up on or around the site to be treated.

If this is your first time at our clinic, you can print the new patient form, below, and bring it with you, to save time filling out the form at the clinic.

More about anaesthesia or pain relief at our clinic:

We perform many different treatments, using our many lasers, light-based therapies and other dermatological and cosmetic procedures in our clinic. Each procedure involves a different level of pain and each patient will tolerate a different level of pain.

Therefore, our approach to analesthesia and pain relief is staged, meaning we recognise there are many levels to the process of dealing with pain and we seek to find the optimal one for each patient. These stage include :

  1. Doing nothing. Many treatments involve little or no pain and therefore, no action is required to relieve pain.
  2. Cold air. Our nurses assisting treating practitioners use air blowers to deliver cold air to the skin being lasered, to relieve the short term heat impact.
  3. Ice packs. We supply these for patients directly after treatment, to help ease the residual heat from treatment and to lessen any pain.
  4. Oral anaesthesia. This includes panadol/panadeine, panadeine forte, Xanax (alprazolam) for calming (like short-acting Valium).
  5. Local anaesthetic injections. Like all injections, the administration of local anaesthetic involves a short sting while the injection is carried out, then the area will become completely numb.
  6. Penthrox. This inhaled anaesthetic is used by ambulance officers and ski patrols, to administer quick pain relief and a heightened sense of well being.
  7. Your comfort and well-being during and after treatment is of great concern to staff at our clinic and every effort will be made to relieve pain effectively. If you are worried about this element of your treatment, please discuss this with your treating practitioner.