Dr Helena Torpinski|Genital lesions
16 February 2023


What are PPPs?

They are little fleshy bumps around the corona of the penis. They often appear at puberty and are considered a normal anatomical variant of the appearance of your penis.

So, it’s OK to have them.  And you don’t need to have them treated if you don’t want to.  But if you hate them, then you can treat them.

How did I get them?

You probably have a genetic predisposition.  Be reassured, you didn’t do anything to cause them.

Are they contagious?

No, you can’t catch them from anyone and you can’t give them to anyone.

Are they an STI?

No. In fact, most boys will notice them before they even become sexually active.

Is it something I have done?

No, you can’t make PPPs appear. You are born with the predisposition to grow them. There is nothing you could have changed to stop them appearing.

Will they go away?

Some men find that with time their PPPs will disappear, but most men who have them can only get rid of them with treatment.

Should I have them removed?

Some men hate their PPPs and want them removed, but there is no medical reason to treat them.

Will they affect sex?

No, they do not affect sexual function.

What are the treatments?

There are lots of scary home remedies, which may either do nothing or may injure you. The only safe, effective and well-controlled treatment is laser.

What about home remedies?

These vary from toothpaste to PPP creams to tea tree oil to lemon juice and others. They are ineffective at best and, at worst, they can cause irreversible scarring. So not at all recommended.

Can PPPs cause cancer?


Can I give them to someone else?

No, because the cause is not infectious. No-one can catch them from you.

What shall I tell my partner?

Reassure them that your PPPs are a normal part of lots of penises and that yours have been present from your early years.

They are not warts or any other STI, your partner can’t catch them and they will never cause anyone any harm.

For more information…

…we encourage you to book a consultation with Dr Terence to discuss your concerns, determine whether you have PPPs, and whether our laser treatment is right for you.