New Year's Skin Resolution Series: Part 2 - Quick Skin Improvements

Dr Terence Poon|Skin rejuvenation
22 January 2019

At this time of year, we’re all thinking about goals and lifestyle changes – but don’t forget your skin! In this series, we’re looking at great skin resolutions and treatments that you may want on your 2019 To-Do list.

In this second blog of the series we’re looking at the quick skin pick-me-ups that can renew your skin in 2019.

Chemical Peels 

If your skin is generally looking ok but sometimes you look in the mirror and think it could do with just a little pep-me-up, then a chemical peel may be just what you need.

Peels are quick and involve no down time, so they’re perfect for fitting in during your lunch break or when you only have a limited amount of time.

Chemical peels don’t give lasting results but they will give temporary appearance improvement including a brighter, smoother and healthier looking texture.

Kleresca Skin Treatment

If you’re looking for something a little more long lasting and deeper, then the Kleresca skin rejuvenation treatment may be just the thing.

The Kleresca treatment may involve several visits to the clinic, though each visit is quite short. A gel is applied to the skin and then a light is directed onto the gel which activates it.

The result is a more thorough and longer lasting rejuvenation of the skin, though still without down time, which is a big plus for busy patients.

Radiance Skin Care

We highly recommend that patients take care of their skin with a high quality skin care range, formulated with the latest skin science guiding its content and without known nasties that do damage to our health in the long run.

Radiance is our clinic’s exclusive skin care range, available only in-clinic and on our website. The range includes products designed for sensitive skin and dry skin, with travel sized bottles available as well as the full sized range.

When skin is well taken care of, with quality cleaners that don’t strip the skin of vital oils and with moisturisers that truly feed and nourish the skin, the need for cosmetic interventions can be lessened and that means happier patients all round.

The Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure

If it’s time to consider a more thorough rejuvenation, then the Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure is definitely our most recommended treatment.

It’s a bespoke treatment, tailored to the exact needs of your skin, and may involve treatment with two, three or four lasers, depending on what’s required.

The Walter Nolan Procedure was pioneered by our founder, Jim Walter and our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Marianne Nolan. It continues to be one of our more requested treatments because it gets patients the exact treatment their skin needs, without over-treating the skin.

Knowing which skin treatment is right for you

Skin is our speciality and knowing the right treatment for your skin is what we do best. Not all treatments are right for all skin types and some treatments require a dermatologist’s review prior to being undertaken, because any underlying skin conditions could affect the out come or may be affected by the treatment.

If you’re ready to learn which rejuvenation might be right for your skin, make an appointment with our dermatologist today. Call our reception now to make an appointment and make 2019 the year when you take action to love the skin you’re in. (02) 9953 9522.


Written by N Crain for the Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic team.