Our best skin tips of 2018

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29 December 2018

At this time of year, it’s common to look back over the year just ending and assess what you’ve done well.

So we wanted to give you our take on that tradition – by giving you a round up of our best skin tips of 2018.

It’s a great reminder of how to keep your skin health top-of-mind as you head into the new year (maybe using them to form some new year’s resolutions for better skin health while you’re at it!)

When your skin affects your self esteemSkin Self Esteem RU Pic

Nurse Kim wrote an insightful blog, back in May, that talked about a side of our work most people don’t think too much about.

As experts in skin care, people come to us with conditions that sometimes have had a huge impact on their self esteem and social confidence.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all fear what others might think of our imperfections. When those imperfections are on our skin, it can truly be life changing to get treatment and no longer live with them.

Read more of Nurse Kim’s compassionate and wise blog about how our skin can affect our self esteem here.

Skin Tips for Men RUImproving the skin of the men in your life

When it comes to skin care, most Aussie men are not so savvy. But things are changing.

We see men in our clinic who’ve spent their lives not caring for their skin and in mid to late life, they’re paying for it. In our August blog, Dr Helena gave us a bunch of great and simple skin care tips for men, like always wearing sunscreen, getting regular skin checks, removing tattoos, male injectables for wrinkles and ageing and information about one of the most common older male skin conditions, Rhinophyma (it’s what causes big and bulky, bumpy noses in older men).

You can read about these tips in more detail in Dr Helena’s blog post about skin tips for men here.

Taking care of your skin when flyingSkin Care Flying RU

Our lovely skin care specialist nurse, Luise Lentell, wrote one of our most popular blogs this year. It was full of useful tips to keep your skin in tip top condition when flying.

We all know flying can be hard on our skin. Luise gave many practical tips for ensuring you arrive at your destination with glowing skin, including taking a hydrating spray with you on the plane, choosing water over alcohol and doing what you can to get a decent amount of sleep.

You can read all of Luise’s great skin care tips for flying in her blog here.

Sport Skin Tips RUSkin safety for sports enthusiasts

Dr Marianne Nolan gave us some very useful tips about how to best care for our skin while participating in sports.

This isn’t an area of skin care many people think about, but sport can bring out many skin problems, from blisters, to tinea to good old sun damage.

She also covered things we might not initially think about as sports players, such as chaffing, cold sores and ensuring sweat is cleaned off the skin properly.

You can read all of Dr Marianne’s sporting skin tips in her blog here.

Learn more about our Fraxel laser, chemical peels, the Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure, and more.Tech Rejuv Blogs RU

Our specialist laser dermatologist, Dr Terence Poon, wrote a facinating series of blogs this year, helping us understand more about various treatments we offer here at the clinic.

From our bespoke Walter Nolan skin rejuvenation, to the powerful Fraxel rejuvenation, to gentle chemical peel treatments and the new Kleresca rejuvenation, Dr Terence’s simple explanations will help you understand the landscape of rejuvenation options as well as determine which rejuvenation treatment may be right for you.

Read about Fraxel laser technology here.

Read about our Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure here.

Read about Chemical Peels here.

Read about the new Kleresca Rejuvenation treatment here.

See derm immediately RUKnow when you should seek a dermatologist’s opinion immediately.

We all know that detecting skin cancer early greatly increases the success of treatment.

But we also know that skin can change in normal and safe ways quite often (specially as we age).

So how can we know whether a given skin change should be shown to a skin specialist or not?

In this very useful blog, we discuss the three main skin changes that you should seek specialist opinion on immediately. We want your skin to be safe and healthy, and knowing what to look for in skin changes is a vital factor in achieving that.

You can read about these three changes in our blog Three Skin Changes to See a Dermatologist About Immediately here.

Do you hands look older than your face? Hand ageing RU

It’s so common it’s almost a cliche – women’s hands seem to age faster than their faces and can undermine all the work we do on our facial skin to reduce the signs of ageing!

Dr Marianne wrote a very helpful blog on how to prevent this phenomena from occuring, and how we can treat your hand’s ageing skin if prevention is too late! It starts with being aware of how our hands need just as much sun protection and moisture assistance as our skin!.

You can read all of Dr Mariannes hand skin care tips and treatment info in her blog here.

Has the Summer heat got you sweating excessively? 

When the Summer heat kicks in, we all sweat more than normal. But some people find they sweat more than others, and the increased heat of Summer can mean troublesome and embarrassing social situations.

If you can identify with this scenario, you may be suffering from a condition called hyperhidrosis.

In December, Dr Terence wrote an informative blog about this condition, covering the tell tale signs you may have this condition, what causes it and the numerous treatments available for those who suffer with it.

You can read all Dr Terence’s information about hyperhidrosis in his blog here.

Do you have a skin condition that you find embarrassing? Embarrassing Skin RU

In our line of work, we see many skin conditions that often create a lot of embarrassment in those who’ve come to us for help.

But for every patient we see, when know there are many more people living with similar conditions who don’t realise that treatments are available and they may not need to live with such embarrassment after all.

In this first blog of a series (the rest will be coming through 2019), Dr Helena outlines the causes and treatments available for Warts, Folliculitis and Skin Tags.

If you’d like to know more about any of these three conditions, read Dr Helena’s blog here.

If you’d like an appointment to review your skin…. 

For most of the conditions we’ve talked about here, we recommend an appointment with our specialist dermatologist, Dr Terence Poon. Dr Terence will be able to assess the condition, determine the underlying problem and recommend the best treatments available to you. We’re on our Summer break right now, but our reception will be open from Monday January 7th, so you can make the first available appointment with Dr Terence after his return to the practice on Jan 17th. Call (02) 9953 9522.


Written for the Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Team by Naomi Crain.