5 Essential Skin Tips for the Christmas Season

Dr Terence Poon|Skin care and sun protection
11 December 2018

With the silly season well underway, here are are 5 essential skin tips for the Christmas season.

Essential Christmas Skin Tip #1: Hydration

With temperatures rising, and alcohol consumption rising even faster, our skin gets dry very easily at this time of year. Enter Christmas Skin Tip #1!

While we don’t want to promote the over-consumption of alcohol, we also love a drink ourselves, so we know how easy it is to be drinking more than normal, with all the farewells, end-of-year and Christmas events.

So drink more water.

It’s always a great idea to have a water bottle with you, in your bag or on your desk.

Hydrated skin looks brighter, younger and more vibrant. And we all want more of that!

Essential Christmas Skin Tip #2: Sun protection

We say it a lot, and we’ll keep on saying it, because it’s SO very important. The sun damages your skin.

So please, follow Christmas Skin Tip #2 (even when it’s not Christmas) and make sunscreen a part of your morning skin ritual. It’s quick and easy and will save you a whole load of skin ageing and sun damage, so you’ll be thanking us down the line.

We always recommend a 50+ SPF so you can be confident you’re getting full protection from the sun.

Essential Christmas Skin Tip #3: Be kind to your skin

There are so many things that pummel our skin every day. Christmas Skin Tip #3 is about learning to give our skin a break and how that can pay off in the short and long term.

On the top of the skin-kindness list are things like getting enough sleep, eating a diet full of fruit and veg and avoiding smoking.

These also happen to be really good for the rest of your body too.

We wrote about these lifestyle effects on our skin in a previous blog. You can read it here.

Essential Christmas Skin Tip #4: Avoid Unnecessary Irritants

If you have a history of skin conditions like dermatitis, ezcema, psoriasis or rosacea, you probably already know that Christmas Skin Tip #4 is very important in periods of reduced sleep, increased alcohol and a poorer diet, things can flare up.

So give your skin a break and avoid contact irritants which normally you may handle, such as perfumes, soap-based skin cleansers and scented make up products.

We wrote a previous blog about this which you can read here.

Also under essential Christmas Skin Tip #4 comes a range of things we do to our skin as quick fixes – like squeezing pimples, or hiding acne under a hat, heavy use of a loofah or showering in water that’s too hot. These things, and many more, can put undue stress on the skin, but can also open the skin to infection or a worsening of the underlying condition.

We’ve also written a blog looking at these Skin stressors. You can read it here.

Essential Christmas Skin Tip #5: Think twice before you say yes to that tattoo.

OK, Christmas Skin Tip #5 may not apply to many of you. But, when  you’ve been in that tattoo removal business as long as we have been, this is advice we can’t help but give.

Think twice.

We’re not anti-tattoo. And we’re not trying to rain on your body art parade. When someone has a tattoo they love – we love it!

The problem is, the energy of the season, the increased amount of alcohol, the thrill of long, hot evenings that feel so much fun…..they can all lead to rash decisions that end up stuck on your body, either for life or until you decide to spend more money and time and effort removing them.

If you have a tattoo you regret – well, we’re preaching to the choir. You may like to know more about our range of tattoo removal options. You can read about those here.

If you’re yet to find yourself with a tattoo you’d rather not have, then let us simply place a seed of doubt in your mind and encourage you to sleep on it for a few more nights before you say yes.

Already broken too many of the Christmas Skin Tips? Need some pre-Christmas rejuvenation?

You’re in luck. We have a number of gentle and quick rejuvenation options to give your skin a lift before Christmas. So if you’ve already seen a sag in your skin’s brightness and energy, why not read more about how to bring back a little glow here.

Need more information on the condition of your skin? 

Why not make an appointment with our dermatologist, Dr Terence Poon, to have a full skin consultation before the Christmas? Call our friendly receptionists today to make your appointment on (02) 9953 9522.


Written for the Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Team by Naomi Crain.