How many treatments will it take to remove my tattoo?

Snr RN Kim Murphy|Tattoo removal
20 June 2018

“I need it gone by September – can you remove my tattoo by then?”

That tattoo once seemed like the coolest idea ever, but now…well, it’s just not who you are anymore.

We understand.

Patients come to us with an important event coming up (like a wedding, a 40th, a corporate event) and really want that tattoo gone before they walk down the aisle or wear that backless dress, or attend the company day out at the beach.

And believe me, we wish we could tell you up front exactly how long it will take to remove it.

But removing unwanted tattoos is a complicated process with many elements influencing success rates.

While the right lasers can be very effective, knowing how your unique tattoo will respond is almost impossible. 

What factors affect the success of laser tattoo removal?

Regardless of what you’re treating with lasers, different skin types and conditions, different health and immune system states, different conditions and severities all influence how you’ll respond to the laser treatment.

When removing tattoos, we factor in the variances in skin, ink, tattoo age and style, location on the body and more.

Because each of these factors plays a part in how quickly the laser treatment will work, the best any practitioner can do is give you a guide, based on experience and understanding of these elements.

At our clinic, we’ve been treating tattoos with a selection of lasers for many years. Our medical knowledge combined with our extensive experience and our choice of lasers mean we can offer the most tailored treatment available.

We’ve created this infographic to help you understand what may affect the success of laser tattoo removal.

Factors affecting tattoo removal infographic

If you’d like to know more about tattoo removal at Neutral Bay Laser & Dermatology Clinic, read our information page here.

We offer a free consultation to patients wishing to remove their tattoos, which allows our highly trained nurses to review all of these factors and explain the various lasers we have in the clinic that can help tailor your tattoo removal. This means we give you the best chance of having the best outcomes in the fewest number of treatments. Call our receptionists today to make your appointment.


Written by Naomi Crain.
Naomi has worked with our clinic for two years, creating graphics and helping our patients better understand the treatments we offer.