Top Five Ways to Care for your Skin when Flying

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14 August 2018

It’s easy, in the pre-travel excitement and stress, to forget to think about how to care for your skin when flying.

This week, we’re giving you our top five tips for arriving at your destination with great looking skin.

It’s all about hydration

We all know hydration is important in skin care, but we don’t often think about how to ensure our skin says hydrated throughout a regular day, let alone when we subject it to the drying conditions of a long-haul flight. But dehydrated skin can look older, less healthy, have a rougher texture and be generally less glowing and youthful. So it’s definitely something we encourage everyone to think more strategically about when flying.

Here are our top five tips for ensuring your skin stays hydrated during your flight:

  • Don’t wear make up on the flight. For some, this will be a huge challenge. But it’s really important. Make up covers the skin, often with thick and oil-based layers, which prevents the skin from breathing. Clean skin is more able to retain it’s natural balance and absorb moisturising products throughout your flight (see the points below). Also, for the same reason you should always clean your skin before bed, when long-haul flying, you’ll hopefully be doing some sleeping and your skin needs to be clean to work at restoration and repair, which is vital for healthy and glowing skin.
  • Carry on hydration essentials. The best way to say on top of skin dehydration is to have hydrators with you. Source small, carry-on sized containers and decant your favourite skin care products into them, so you have them handy. These will fit easily into the aeroplane seat pocket in front of you and you can regularly apply them throughout the fight. Find a routine that works for you, either by setting your phone to vibrate at regular intervals or just get into the habit of re-applying at the end of each movie and each meal. We have more details on the best application routine below.
  • Say no to alcohol and yes to extra water.  It’s hard, we know, to refuse the free wine with dinner, offered by many airlines, but alcohol is extremely dehydrating to the body and it’s the last thing your skin needs when it’s already fighting with the dehydrating influence of pressurised, air conditioned air and altitude. However, drinking lots of water and herbal teas (yes, caffeine can dehydrate as well) will help boost your body’s hydration levels.
  • Get as much sleep as possible. It’s not easy when you’re confined to an economy seat AND the temptation of endless movies and tv is right there in front of you, but sleeping repairs and replenishes the skin. It’s likely that you’re underslept and tired when you get onto a long-haul flight because of the busy nature of the days before leaving the country, so you’re already behind on the beauty sleep your skin needs. Give yourself every chance of getting sleep on the plane by avoiding caffeine for several hours before the flight and during while flying, using an eye mask and neck pillow, and ensuring you’re wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Follow this thorough skin hydration routine regularly during the flight. We’ve already talked about carrying your favourite travel products with you onto the flight, but here’s the routine we’d suggest for ensuring you get the most out of them while flying.

1. Clean your face and neck with a non-dehydrating cleanser or cleansing wipe

2. Spritz your face and neck with a moisturising mist spray – do this often during the flight

3. Apply a serum for deep moisturisation

4. Use a nourishing facial oil

5. Before sleeping, apply a rich cream or rescue balm

The best products to use when flying

If you don’t already have products you love, here’s what we’d suggest taking with you on  your flight.

Radiance Skin CareDaily Gentle Cleanser

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray

Radiance Skin Care – Morning Anti-Oxidant Serum

Radiance Skin Care – Soothing Peptide Cream

NB: Radiance Skin Care also sell Travel Packs that includes the items above and more.

Got more questions?

If you have specific skin conditions or problems that you’re concerned about, why not make an appointment with our dermatologist, Dr Terence Poon, before you fly, to have your skin reviewed and any necessary extra advice can be given then. Call our friendly receptionists today to make your appointment on (02) 9953 9522.


Written by Luise Lentell, RN.
Luise is a registered nurse with a wide variety of experience in health care. She loves skin care and our helping patients’ look and feel their best, and to love the skin their in.