When a more thorough face rejuvenation might be in order

Dr Helena Torpinski|Skin rejuvenation
9 May 2018

I’m sure you’ve had a moment or two like this (I can’t be the only one!):

You generally think you’re doing OK with ageing, your skin is not too bad, you’ve seen women looking a lot worse…..and then one day you’re standing in front of the mirror and you see a glimpse of your mother looking back at you.

Or maybe this:

You’re with your friends, maybe away for a weekend somewhere to celebrate a 50th. Some of you have known each other a long time, and there’s no denying no one looks like they did back their 20’s…..or even their 30’s. But it’s not until you’ve all had a wine or two and it’s late enough in the evening for the truth to start coming out, that you realise you’re not the only one to have reached the worrying point – am I looking older than my peers? Are my wrinkles starting to age me more than I realise? Are those summer spent baking my young skin catching up to me with sun spots and weathered texture? Your girlfriends, it turns out, are all wondering the same thing. Maybe a few have botox and swear by it, perhaps someone’s doing filler. But no one has yet had the experience of a full skin rejuvenation treatment.

So how do you know when it’s time to start bringing out the heavier treatments?

After all, you’re not looking bad…..but maybe you’re not looking as good as you could either.

Signs that a rejuvenation treatment could be for you

For most of us, when we start to see ageing (and really worry about it), we’re seeing a range of skin concerns common to most women over 40, and particularly those with Caucasian or anglo skin, who’ve grown up in sun-drenched climates like Australia’s.

The kinds of ageing issues that we can address with rejuvenation options are:

1. Irregular colour, known as dischromia or pigmentation. We can address both red areas, closing down abnormal, superficial, dilated capillaries, and brown spots, removing uneven colouring which is a classic sign of ageing skin.

2. Uneven skin. We can vapourise barnacles and warty growths and lumps, leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin.

3. Tired, worn and even wrinkled and crepey skin can be reinvigorated with the laser-induced growth of new collegen, adding a youthful appearance and lustre.

4. Scaring, burns, and post-acne skin. The right rejuvenation techniques can minimise the visibility of these blemishes, as well as tightening skin.

Big results do require a bigger commitment

While the results of more thorough skin rejuvenation can be significant and impressive, those results do involve more invasive treatments than the lighter rejuvenation options such as chemical peels and Kleresca skin rejuvenation.

Some laser skin rejuvenation techniques can involve the treated skin being red and raw for days and you may be unable to engage in normal life for a week or so because of this.

And there is always an element of pain involved in any treatment. At our clinic, we use pre-treatment numbing cream, local anaesthetics and oral pain killing drugs to reduce pain and make the treatment as easy for patients as possible. But those more sensitive to pain some treatments may not be appropriate. This will all be discussed in detail with you prior to you making your decision.


Written by Dr Helena Torpinski.
Helena is a skin laser specialist as well as a GP and has been a popular doctor at our clinic for over a decade.