Understanding our Walter Nolan Signature Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

Dr Marianne Nolan|Skin rejuvenation
1 May 2018

Neutral Bay Laser and Dermatology has been in business for over 20 years and skin rejuvenation has been a major part of our business during this time.

Over these decades, laser technology has come a long way, and our ability to improve the look and feel of skin and the signs of aging has grown dramatically.

As a result of our in depth understanding of laser technology, our range of over 15 laser and light based therapies and the extensive experience we’ve gained over the past decades, we’ve developed our own signature skin rejuvenation treatment – The Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure.

Named after our founder, James Walter and our cosmetic physician, Marianne Nolan, The Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure is a tailored skin rejuvenation which targets the specific issues and concerns a patient has, as well as being perfectly suited to the patient’s skin type.

Not surprisingly, this bespoke procedure is one of our most popular.

An Overview of the Procedure

The Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure can involve the use of 2, 3 or 4 lasers or light based devices, depending on the range of issues present on the skin. The lasers and light based therapies most often used in Walter Nolan procedures are:

The Ellipse Nordlys Broad Band Light

the Ellipse Nordlys Broad Band Light – using a spectrum of different wavelengths of light, the appropriate range of wavelengths is chosen for your skin type, which avoids the risk of marking or scarring the skin. The Nordlys offers us the ability to provide a ‘global’ improvement to the appearance and texture of the patient’s skin.

The pulses of light from the Ellipse Nordlys are absorbed by three different targets (known as chromophores) within the skin. These chromophores are haemoglobin (found in red blood cells), melanin pigment (found in both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin) and water. Once the light is absorbed into these specific targets, it effects change. Light absorbed by haemoglobin causes small superficial blood vessels to shut down, reducing redness. Light absorbed into melanin pigment causes pigmented lesions to breakdown and fade away. Light absorbed into water can cause fibroblasts in the dermis to produce new collagen, improving the skin’s texture.

The Candela Q-Switched Alexadrite laser

This machine targets individual pigmented spots, such as freckles and age spots. Very rapid, nanosecond pulses of red laser light are absorbed by melanin in the skin. This causes the unwanted pigment to shatter into very small pieces, which are subsequently removed by the body’s immune system. This results in the fading of these pigmented areas and leaving a more even coloured skin.

The VersaPulse vascular laser

This machine produces green laser light that is specifically absorbed into the haemoglobin in red blood cells. Onces these cells have absorbed this light they cause an inflammatory reaction in small blood vessels (known as capillaries or telangiectasias), causing these superficial blood vessels to shut down and results in even coloured, less red and ruddy skin.

The Erbium:YAG Laser

This is an ablative laser, meaning it ablates, or vaporises, layers of the skin. This laser consists of a beam of infra-red light that is absorbed by water in the skin. This laser works well to remove small raised areas on the skin, such as age warts (seborrhoiec keratoses), sebaceous hyperplasia and syringomas.

What different levels of treatment are there?

In general, the Walter Nolan 2 will involve the Ellipse Nordlys and Q-Switched Alexandrite treatments.

The Walter Nolan 3 will usually involve the two treatment included in the “2”, mentioned above, with the addition of the VersaPulse vascular laser.

Similarly, the Walter Nolan 4 includes the three treatments already mentioned and includes further treatment with the Erbium:YAG laser.

The Walter Nolan Procedures are appropriate for treating the face, neck, decolletage and hands.

The treatments take place over several appointments, depending on the number of lasers used, to give skin full recovery time between treatments.

A full range of pain management options are available to suit each patient’s tolerance and experience with laser treatments.

How do I know if a Walter Nolan Procedure is right for me?

As with all our laser treatments, the first step is an appointment with our dermatologist to review your skin condition and the issues requiring treatment.

The dermatologist will also assess whether there are any underlying skin problems that may either affect the treatment or be affected by it.

Once these things are determined, you’ll be advised of the treatment recommendation and be given all the relevant information you’ll need to decide whether this treatment is right for you.

Give our friendly receptionists a call to make your appointment today.


Written by Dr Marianne Nolan

Dr Marianne Nolan has been a skin laser specialist for over 20 years and, with our founder Dr James Walter, developed the Walter Nolan Multi Laser Procedure.