More on PPPs

Dr Helena Torpinski|Genital lesions
16 February 2023


What are PPPs?

Pearly Penile Papules, or PPPs, are a common anatomical variant in the appearance of the penis – meaning they are not dangerous.

PPPs are flesh coloured bumps around the corona (head) of the penis.  They are most commonly seen in uncircumcised males and usually become apparent around puberty.

Usually arranged in rows, they can be a few millimetres high and 1-2mm wide.

PPPs are NOT a dangerous medical condition

PPPs are painless and non-itchy. They are NOT an STI and they aren’t related to hygiene. They are NOT cancerous and they are NOT transmittable.

Although they can seem distressing, they do not affect sexual function.

Treatments for PPPs

Do not treat them yourself.

Don’t pop or pick them; don’t apply wart treatments.  These treatments don’t work well and can cause scarring or a burn or infection of your penis.

PPPs can be painlessly and effectively treated with an ablative laser. It’s a quick 20 minute procedure that only takes 4 days of healing time.

For more information…

…we encourage you to book a consultation with Dr Terence to discuss your concerns, determine whether you have PPPs, and whether our laser treatment is right for you.